Based on a time when television was considered the best thing in the world of advertising. Anybody that had a product or service to sell could buy some airtime and be sure they were going to reach tons of that station's viewers. And the viewers were actually paying attention. Not only that, people would talk about the commercials because they were a shared experience. In short, a commercial plus a viable product was a sure ticket to success.

Newspapers were also a sure bet prior to, and somewhat during, the reign of television advertising. The great thing about newspapers was how targeted they were. You knew it would be read by people in the immediate area, and you could easily recoup your marketing expenses. Papers were great for selling products and services, and you could run an ad week after week and see the results.

But it should come as no surprise that those days are gone for good. The reason is that people are more pressured for their time, and have shorter attention spans than ever before. You can argue the reasons as to why that is, but it's a moot point. You need to understand your audience, and internet marketing is an ideal form of advertising.

Therefore we have seen the shift from above-mentioned reasons and forced us to seek for the all-in-one solution towards advertising, marketing, and sales for businesses in general.

We connect consumers with local, regional and national, businesses and organizations through online and mobile channels. Buyers Net is a trusted online source for consumers to find and connect with local businesses across South Africa.

Helping local business thrive; Buyers Net is your trusted partner in growing your business.

Our Unmatched Marketing Strategy.

We created a Local, Regional, and a National based Web Business Directory that includes all kinds of Businesses, Industries, and Services. This directory includes (depends on the chosen package of a subscriber) mapping and rating of a specific business in an area.

How does marketing work?

Our business directory according to the package consists of a web page or sales page for each category or business model, and a link to our client's own website if the client got a website. Our website is developed to an automated system that posts all-new post's from our clients to different social media platforms. We also promote a business hub for our local and regional business owners, and representatives to meet with each other on a monthly basis, or maybe more often depending on a hub's specific need, where new business trends, leads, and referrals will be discussed. 

Buyers Net Affiliate Network.

Our business directory also offers an affiliate marketers network to our clientele subject to our Terms and Conditions. (optional)

This in short is:

Buyers Net appoints affiliate marketers to sell the products or services of our registered business directory subscribers on a commission base when such a product or service are sold, the commission payouts to the affiliate marketers will be generated from the business directory subscribers who want to join the affiliate marketing network to sell their products or services.

Buyers Net will draft a mutual agreement between us and the business directory subscriber towards the percentage commission to be paid when products or services are sold.